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Used MRI FOR SALE from Experts in Medical Technology Field. Magnetic Resonance

Excite Medical is proud to offer high quality refurbished MRI systems refurbished by one of the worlds leading refurbishing and re-assembler. All systems can be custom refurbished and re-assembled to meet all of your specific financial budgets and technical requirements. All units are refurbished and re-assembled using a proprietary refurbishment and re-assembly processes that assures all of the necessary FDA recalls, FDA warning letters, FDA safety reports, electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic upgrades are installed to meet OEM performance specifications and like new operation. The system is then delivered and installed, meeting FDA laws and OEM specifications insuring you and your facility quality performance and consistency that meet or exceeds original manufacturer’s specifications. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions based on your needs. Contact us today to begin working diligently on providing you with a turnkey solution.

GE MRI Machines

GE, Signa 1.5T EchoSpeed Plus Short Bore MRI,

The Signa 1.5T LX EchoSpeed Plus MR System with phased array is a high resolution whole body MR Imaging System with High Homogeneity Super Conducting Short Core Magnet Operating at 1.5 Tesla. The Superconducting CX150 is a high homogeneity magnet design manufactured by GE Utilizing advanced K4 Cryocooling Technology.

            • Echospeed Plus, Short Bore, 1.5T
            • 33 mT/m Gradient, 120 T/M/s slew rate
            • LX Platform, 9.1 Software Level
            • Phased Array, Generator, Laser Camera
            • Dockable Patient Table, Hydraulic Patient Lift

GE, 1.5T Brivo MR355 MRI

Bringing high-field MR within reach If 1.5T MR technology has been just out of reach for your practice, the Brivo™ MR355 will be a welcome advancement. The Brivo MR355 1.5T is part of the GE healthymagination initiative to make advanced diagnostic technology more accessible and cost-effective. Everything about the design of the Brivo MR355 1.5T contributes to providing high quality imaging that will help you make definitive diagnoses for your patients—with the productivity and simplicity you need to make it practical.


GE, 1.5T Excite Twinspeed MRI

1.5T Magnet Strength,CXK4 Short Bore Magnet, EXCITE, HP Computer, 12.0 Software Level, Twinspeed, 8 Channel & 4 Channel Coils Included, Sumitomo Coldhead and Compressor, ACGD Cabinet, EXCITE 8 Channel System.




CXK4 Magnet, Software Level: 8.30, LX ScanTools 2000, EchoPlus, ConnectPro, FuncTool, Coils: CTL, Phased Array, Extremity Flex, PV Array, CTL Array, Torso Array, Shoulder Array, Dual Array package, Extremity, Head: 2AK Specialty Trailer with Gurnea Lift, Reflex 50 Recon Module with 256 BAM, Color LCD Monitor, Indigo Computer, DICOM



Hitachi MRI Machines

The Oasis Bore-Less MR Advantage,

Oasis Bore-Less High-Field MR delivers maximum diagnostic performance and uncompromised patient comfort. Combining high-performance MR technology and Hitachi’s proprietary 1.2T open architecture vertical-field magnet, Oasis is a unique MR system delivering diagnostic confidence, patient comfort and investment value. Oasis supports demanding workflow, features Hitachi’s legendary reliability, is easy to learn and use, and provides powerful differentiating features for your MR imaging services.



Hitachi, Airis Elite OPEN MRI

The AIRIS Elite is a break-through in price performance whole-body MRI. It is the most advanced mid-field MRI, with all of the high-end features of Hitachi’s well-proven AIRIS series. The award-winning open magnet maximizes patient friendliness and comfort. AIRIS Elite’s outstanding performance underlines Hitachi’s commitment to leading open MRI technology.

            • 0.3 Tesla
            • Self-shielded for small 5G footprint
            • 43cm bore height for maximum patient access
            • Maximum amplitude of 21 mT/m and maximum slew rate of 55 T/m/sec
            • High Resolution

Hitachi, Aperto OPEN MRI

The APERTO is the new solution for 21st-century MRI scanning. The unique, single-pillar design makes it the only available panoramic open MRI scanner in the world. Incorporating the strongest open permanent magnet, with a field strength of 0.4 Tesla, is fundamental to its performance. APERTO Eterna provides high-field quality at the cost of a permanent system.

            • 0.4 Tesla field strength
            • One-pillar design
            • 320° panoramic opening
            • 22mT/m 55T/m/s gradients
            • 4th channel shim coil
            • Fully motorized patient table
            • Lateral table movement ±150 mm


0.3T Vertical Field, Permanent Magnet, Gantry and patient handling system, Pulse Gradient System, Digitally controlled RF System, Full Coil Set.



Philips MRI Machines

Philips Achieva MRI 1.5T System

The Achieva MRI 1.5T Series has a wide and open flared short bore design. It has 53cm of imaging coverage that provides comfort to your patients during the exam. With this MRI system you are able to use SmartExam that provides your clinic with consistent and reproducible MRI exams. You also have access to advanced applications such as body diffusion, non-contract perfusion, fiber tractography and cardiac. The SENSE parallel imaging provides for up to 16 times acceleration.



Philips Marconi MRI 1.5T System

Short Bore Magnet, 1.5T Magnet Strength, New Leybold Cold Head, 4 Channel Phased array, Via 2.0 S/w version, Advanced Soft ware Package, Full Dicom, Diffusion, Time Of Flight, FSE, Express Digital Gating, MR ANGIO, Coils Include the Following: CTL Spine Array, Quad Lower Ext., Small Joint, Large Joint, Quad Body Array Flex, Shoulder Array, Volume Neck.



Philips Intera MRI System

SmartExam, Fully automated planning, scanning & processing with a single mouse click. Reproducible scan quality. Faster imaging with techniques like Snapshot, TRACS, THRIVE & Multi-Station, all standard. Largest FoV – 53 cm, Largest Virtual FoV – 210 cm, 60x60cm Bore, Compact Magnet, 40% Higher Body SNR.



Siemens MRI Machines

Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T

It's already one of the world's most in-demand 1.5T MRIs in its class. And we know, we've packed even more power into MAGNETOM Symphony™. Introducing Power-class. A potent array of cutting-edge applications that accelerate performance like never before. Now you'll be able to see tiny details with incredible clarity. Breeze through exams with ease. And expand into profitable new areas. MAGNETOM Symphony with Power-class. More power to you.




MAGNETOM® ESSENZA was developed from the ground up to be an affordable, reliable powerhouse that will support both your clinical and financial success. This ultra-short, lightweight 1.5T system delivers the flexibility, accuracy and speed of Tim™ (Total imaging matrix) and a powerful new innovation, the IsoCenter Matrix coil. The MAGNETOM family is synonymous with Siemens’ leading technology, applications and workflow. MAGNETOM ESSENZA provides an exceptional opportunity to access the power of 1.5T MRI at low total cost of ownership.


Siemens MAGNETOM ® Espree Open MRI System

The first Open Bore MR System. MAGNETOM ® Espree Open MRI system is the most-Bore 'easy to use and more' sold today. With this system, you get extraordinary performances, you will increase patient satisfaction, and with the complete set of applications you will be able to do much more than what has previously been possible.



Siemens Vision MRI 1.5T

Siemens Vision MRI 1.5T, Active Shielding, Super Conducting Magnet (OR35), SunSPARC 10 Computer, 25 mT/m Gradients, Operator Console, Independent Workstation, Optical Disk, Fast Spin Echo, MRA, Clinical Imaging, Advance 3D, Flow Quantification, Turbo Imaging, Ultrafast Imaging, Gradient Overdrive/EPI-pak, Image Filter, Patient Transport Trolley, B&W Monitor, PACS-Net, MagicView, CISS & DESS Sequence, Coils: Head/Neck, Breast, Flex Interface, CP Body, CP Head, CP Neck, Large CP Flex, Small CP Flex, CP Body, CP Spine Numaris 3 Software, 33B Revisions

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